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Je veux démarrer une nouvelle entreprise en activité. Restaurant. J'ai besoin de ton aide!

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I am a national double currently living in Algeria. I have Algerian nationality. I grew up overseas in the USA and now live in Algiers. I plan to open a fast food restaurant in Algiers. I have three questions.

1) I found a small shop that used to be an office. Are there any rules or regulations regarding the location of the restaurant? Can I turn any store or office into a restaurant? Are there any rules, guidelines or minimum requirements that I should be aware of in order to open a restaurant?

2) What documents do I need to file to be fully authorized and registered with all municipal, provincial and national governments.

3) Do I need specific documents or owner contract to register my restaurant with different governments. I am not concerned about gas, electric and water utilities. The owner will pay them, and I will reimburse him.

If there is anything I missed, please let us know and share your knowledge. Quite simply, I don't understand any of the bureaucracies and I don't know anyone to ask.

I have no experience of how things work in Algeria. I just found out how to get a residence document from the town hall. I'm an absolute newbie, so if you're kind enough to respond, please include details on the most basic things. If I opened up in the USA, I wouldn't ask these basic questions, but quite simply, I don't know anything about the way things are done in Algeria.

Thank you!

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You should check the website of the Ministry on Commerce, I found a sort of Q&A and there was a question similar to yours.

You have to request a licence from the Wilaya services (DRAG = Direction de la Réglementation et des Affaires Générales).

Go there and ask them your questions, they will guide you.

Another approach which works in Algeria is to ask someone who has a restaurant how to do it and what you need. They will give you some tips.

Good luck with your endeavour.

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