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Borat outs Donald Trump as a Sacha Baron Cohen character on Jimmy Kimmel Live!




When is a parody a parody too far? When it's Donald Trump, of course.

The US Republican presidential candidate has been richly ridiculed and lampooned during his campaign, until his comments took a more sinister twist recently with his call to ban Muslims sparking outright revulsion.

But in a shock development Trump was revealed as none other than the latest character by British comedian amd actor Sacha Baron Cohen.



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Well that's according to Borat anyway, who told TV host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday that Trump is "clearly a parody of a rich, American racist".



Borat is, of course, Baron Cohen's own creation, the bumbling, unintentionally outrageous and vulgar Kazakh journalist.

Borat crashed Jimmy Kimmel Live! warning the TV host against Baron Cohen's new film The Brothers Grimsby. "His characters are very, very offensive," said Borat. "Ali G, Bruno and his new one, Donald Trump."


Kimmel questioned whether Trump was actually a Baron Cohen character, to which Borat replied: "Yes, and a very unbelievable one.

"The only person who would ban Muslims is a person with a brain like a female chicken.


It is a clearly a parody of a rich, American racist," Borat said, adding that Trump doesn't even look real.


"Cohen have spent all the money on orange paint for face and leave no money for wig."

Baron Cohen's appearance included the first airing of The Brothers Grimsby trailer.

The comedy features two estranged brothers, one an elite government assassin (Mark Strong), the other a football hooligan in an north England town.


It also stars Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Isla Fisher, Baron Cohen's wife.

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